Machans Beach

Machans Beach is the first beach north of Cairns city.

Machans Beach, Cairns is the first beach north of Cairns city. It is located on the mouth of the Barron River, adjacent to the airport. Machans is an established residential area with a multicultural population. Machans Beach is about 16mins drive north of Cairns CBD. People come to Machans Beach for fishing from across the City, with access to the river mouth from the southern end of the suburb.

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The people
The population of Machans Beach consists of a mixture in age and style and the housing is all separate houses. The suburb has a reputation for ‘alternative’ lifestyles. The beachfront properties are highly sought after and highly priced. The other areas of the suburb tend towards lower-income accommodation.

There are no medical services in Machans Beach; the closest doctor is at Stratford, about 5mins drive south. The closest hospital is Cairns Base Hospital, about 10mins drive south.

General facilities
Machans Beach has a community hall and a post office, and a sport and recreation club, with a tennis court. There is an active community association. The closest library is in the adjacent suburb of Stratford, about 10mins drive south. The nearest swimming pool is Tobruk Memorial Swimming Pool in North Cairns, about 10-15mins drive south.

There is a small convenience store, a garage and a couple restaurants in Machans Beach. The closest supermarket is at either Redlynch or Cairns Central Shopping Centre, about 15mins drive south.

There is no child care centre at Machans Beach. The closest centre is in Aeroglen and Freshwater, about 10mins drive away.

Machans Beach has a state primary school. The closest high school is Cairns State High School, about 10-15mins drive south. Other schools in the area include a Catholic college (Prep-12) at Redlynch, a primary school in Freshwater and another Catholic primary school in North Cairns.

Public transport
Sunbus provides a public transport service to the area. Taxis also service the area.

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