How to Prepare A Good Rental Application?

Wednesday 19 Aug 2020

Give yourself the best chance to get a new rental property by making a good application. Even before doing the application try and create a good impression at the inspection. I have listed some of the things you should consider when attempting to find a new rental property. I hope this helps.  

Keep in mind that you are looking to occupy someone else’s property which is probably worth $100,000’s and important to the owner. They want to feel confident that you will look after the property and abide by the lease agreement. Your number one priority is that you want to impress your landlord and your landlord’s agent. 

How should I present myself at the viewing?

Dress to impress! At the open for inspection or private viewing, you want to dress smartly. Feel free to ask questions and make sure you understand everything about the property. It is not a good look to be late for the appointment so be on time. In many instances the agent will have other appointments booked in and will not be able to stay.    

How should I complete the application?

Ask the agent how they would like you to submit your rental application. Many agencies have the option to do it over the internet or you can hand in person. Either way make sure you have all supporting documents the agent requires for your application. If you hand in a hard copy in person, again dress to impress and do not hand it in with stains on the documentation, eg:  food/coffee.

You should complete an application with a cover letter showing the landlord why you would be the best person for their property. Include things like what kind of person you are or something about your lifestyle. 

A good tenant is an honest tenant.  It is important that all of the information you are filling out on your application is correct, any false information will soon be found out as the prospective agent will complete rental reference checks with your previous agent to verify your information is true and correct. Your employment status and income will be confirmed with your employer, and any personal reference checks will also be carried out. Your details will also be checked against the TICA database system which will show any previous faults you may have had with any current or previous agents. 

To ensure your application is processed by the agent in a timely manner you should also advise your personal references that you are submitting an application so they can expect the phone call/email from the agent – most of the time a rental application process is held up  it is because  rental references do not get back to the agent in a timely manner.

What do landlords want in a good tenant?

The three most important things a landlord looks for when choosing a tenant for their home is:

- The willingness and ability of the potential tenants to make timely rental payments
- The tenant’s willingness and ability to abide by the provisions in any lease or rental agreement
-The ability of the potential tenants to look after the property.

How do I apply for the right property?

Obviously apply for a home that suits your needs but also one that is affordable. Most agencies will look at rent not exceeding 30% of your net income. So do not apply for a property above that threshold unless you have something else that may be attractive like 12 months payment in advance. The right property is not a two-bedroom unit for a family of five. This will not be looked on favourably by the landlord as there will be just to much wear and tear on the property.

Can I have a pet?

Yes, there are properties where pets are allowed. If you are looking for a pet friendly property you will find that it often says, “Pets on Application”, this means the landlord will consider a pet being kept at the premises.  Generally, ‘Pets on Application’ will refer to a dogs and cats, however we need to know about ANY pets that you plan to have at the property. This may range from one fish to an aviary of birds.

When submitting your pet application, you may also be asked to provide the pets details such as:

- Type of pet
- Breed
- Name/s
- Age
- If it is desexed
- Council Registration
- Description and Colour
- Provide a photo

Your pet application is provided to permit pet at the premises as specified in the General Tenancy Agreement and the pet agreement application.

Any pets other than the approved pet specified in the General Tenancy Agreement and the pet Agreement must first be requested by the tenants in writing via a separate Pet Application giving full details and then approved in writing by the landlord PRIOR to the pet being allowed onto the premises.  Pet approval may be issued to specific criteria and must be complied with.  Approval is NOT guaranteed.

It should be understood that keeping a pet in a rental property without permission is a breach of the lease agreement and could jeopardise your tenancy.

What are the details of a pet application and Agreement?

Once your pet application has been approved the tenant shall be liable for any damages or injury whatsoever caused by the pet, whether they are the tenant’s pet or their guests’ pet and regardless of their approval status.

The tenant/s accepts full responsibility and indemnifies the landlord for any claims by or injuries to a third parties on their property caused by, or as result or actions by their pet or their guest/s pet, and regardless of their approval status.

The tenant agrees to arrange for Flea Fumigation at the end of the Tenancy or at the time during the Tenancy as required or requests by the lessor/s agent to be carried out by a company complying with the Australia Standards.

The pet should always be outside, unless specified otherwise in the General Tenancy Agreement or the pet agreement.  Guide dogs are an exception.

If the pet is a dog, the tenant agrees to restrain or remove the dog/s from the premises for the duration of inspections arranged by the agent with the required notice given.

Once the terms of the approval of the pet/s application has been completed the applicant/s is then required to sign approving the term of having the pet/s on the premises.

How long should an application take?
Your application process may be as little as 24 hours before an agent approves your rental application after you submit it. Typically, most applications take anywhere between 48-72 hours for a decision to be made.

What happens after approval?

Once your application has been approved lease documents will need to be signed and monies paid within 48 hours.

You may be asked to attend the agency to sign your Tenancy Agreement Documents or they may be emailed out at your preferred email address for signing.  You will then be asked to pay your bond of 4 weeks rent and then the first 2 weeks rent totalling 6 weeks rent. The bond will need to be paid directly to the Residential Tenancy Authority (RTA) and the 2 weeks rent will be paid to your real estate.

Once the lease documents have been signed and the money has been paid the property is now yours to enjoy!

I hope this has been helpful and we wish you well in your search for a property. If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Tanya Kimber – Senior Property Manager