Vacation Check List

Tuesday 19 Nov 2019

The holiday season is not far away. Are you going away? If so, make sure your home is safe.

Owner occupiers and tenants alike need to secure their home and belongings and save themselves from possible heart break on return.

We have some tips for you and now is the time to start preparing.  As you will be away during the wet and cyclone season start by preparing the exterior of your home.

  • Clear gutters and downpipes
  • Remove shade sails
  • Put outside furniture inside
  • Make sure anything that could be blown away is stored
  • An unkempt garden is a sign that no one is home – entrust a neighbour or family with the garden and mowing the lawn.
  • Have motion – activated lighting around your home
  • Cancel newspaper delivery and have someone empty the letterbox

Other simple things to ensure include;

  • Lock doors and windows properly
  • Do not leave bins out for extended time
  • Do not leave cash in house and store valuables in a safe place
  • Park cars in garage if you have one
  • Store car keys in a safe place
  • Review home and contents insurance is up to date
  • Leave your emergency contact with neighbour or friend
  • Throw out food that will not last and empty kitchen garbage.
  • Turn down any message machine
  • Be careful what you post on social media

If upon your return you are the victim of a break in, vacate the property, call the police, do not touch anything and get in touch with your insurance company and real estate agent if you are renting.

As you are no doubt planning your vacation now please take notice of our recommendations and we wish you a wonderful holiday

David Forrest