Get prepared

Friday 01 Nov 2019

The tropical cyclone season is between November and April according to the Bureau of Meteorology. The best advise we have seen is to be prepared. There is plenty of information available, Red Cross and the Cairns Regional Council web sites are good sources of information while the Bureau of Meteorology is the peak body in Australia for cyclone information and updates.

There are some basic elements of being prepared and we would recommend the red Cross site and their app as a good starting point. They recommend these simple steps.

  1. Educate yourself by visiting some information web sites: - The council web site is good for that.
  2.  Create an emergency plan build and keep your emergency plan close at hand.
  3. Use a checklist to build a survival kit.

The following upgrades and maintenance are recommended by state-based emergency services to minimise damage to your home during a cyclone:

  • Keep guttering clear of debris and leaves
  • Repair loose tiles or roofing sheets and ensure they are firmly fastened
  • Trim trees and branches close to your home, you may need to check with council if overhanging trees are on public land
  • Fit shutters or metal screens to all external glass areas
  • Secure large items such as garden sheds, boats, trailers and rainwater tanks.
  • Remove shade sails
  • Store outside furniture, bins toys and the like inside

Check if your insurance policy covers damage, power surges, flooding, tidal surges, and debris removal. You might also want to check your car and other vehicles, such as caravans and boats, are adequately covered by insurance. Remember once a cyclone is named no more insurance policies can be written.

If you must evacuate these are the local evacuation centres.

Edmonton Leisure Centre Walker Road, Cairns

Redlynch State College Jungara Road, Redlynch


Its easy to become complacent but good planning and preparation will make the difference, remember we a talking about the safety of our families.

David Forrest