Presentation and preparation a new view

Friday 10 May 2019

Good presentation will help make your home appeal to buyers, but in todays world of contracts being conditional on building inspections, it is proving to be only part of the equation.

Clean windows, decluttering, decorating, are examples of good presentation, but today it is equally important to fix up those little maintenance issues. Some buyers are making use of maintenance items on a building report to recommence negotiations, even though they were obvious at the time of viewing.

Building inspections are an important part of the buying process, but their purpose has taken on new ground. They were initially used to make buyers aware of structural issues that may not be readily seen. Now they are reporting maintenance issues; as if a home 20 years old should be in new condition.

So, what does this mean to you, our advice is do the maintenance and present your home at its best. Make sure all those little things you have been putting off, like a rotten plank in the deck, or a mark in the ceiling that was caused by an old roof leak, are fixed. This way you will compete well while on the market and sleep well during the building report phase.

David Forrest